Video,audio-on paper

Video and audio – text translation on paper

See how easy it is to translate an author’s speech to a video if the video or audio is not hosted on YouTube

” Good afternoon friends! I want to introduce you to a free program that helps to understand what the presenter of this video says. Here is the program itself. We install the language in which the presenter speaks, connect the microphone and then go to the video …. turn on the video. Everything that the host says, the program records … Here is the text. We wait. Here is half the text already, or a quarter of the text already translated …. We control the program. And here is the full text, we can already save. The text is copied and transferred to Google translator. Turn on translates text from English into Russian. Select the translated text, copy it and save it in a text editor. We save the file and we have the text that the host spoke about, is already completely ready! Visit our site more often and get programs for free”.

uLike – бесплатное продвижение youtube-канала