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Paint spray when you’re here to welcome you to the CB money Vine member area and so as not to waste a second of your time I’m going to explain how the CP money Vine system works to build you an unlimited income online and I’ll show you exactly how to get started so that you can start receiving your first commissions as soon as today at the heart of the sea B Money Vine system is your CV money buying website the link for which is right here on your member home page as you scroll down nowadays you share your website link with people online using the traffic sources that we provide here and they land on your site there offered free membership into CV Monday night so first off you’re actually giving away a free income system in aren’t selling anything which makes it much easier income system by comparison to 99.9% of you know other systems out there where you’re forced to sell a specific product and actually sell a specific product make money now despite CB money by being a free system there is a catch but it’s this ingenious catch that drives the whole system and makes you money month after month on autopilot. Allowing the system to remain free so what’s the catch will it fit all free CD money by members are required to buy one product per month from the CB money Vine Marketplace to activate their memberships and keep them active at once activated be on autopilot on every participant that you referred since they too will be buying one product per month they require product to activate their memberships so that they too can make money on autopilot spell the beauty of this catch is that you can shop the marketplace and buy any product that you want you know even a gift for yourself regardless of price but it was $5 or $2 or $500 it doesn’t matter just buy something you want and furthermore it’s vital to know that you are not paying a dime for CB money Vine membership itself CV money Vine is still one hundred percent free and money is spent on the products of choice that are purchased from the marketplace not on CB money by so although this is not amazon.com Marketplace imagine if you were to get paid a big 40% to 75% Commission on all purchases made by every participant that you referred to amazon.com for the life of their membership in all you had to do was make a purchase of your own every now and then which is probably something you do anyhow so that’s an analogy of of the system that is in the heart of CB money Vine and what makes it so incredibly powerful and yes it’s a different Marketplace and not Amazon. Comes Marketplace but typical amazon.com commissions are around 3 to 5% where is here you’ll make 40% to 75% commissions on every purchase made from your personal Marketplace of over 4,000 products to choose from so you make money as your Vine members which were simply the people that you referred as indicated by this sat right here to as they make their purchases and this is because your affiliate link gets automatically hard-coded into their entire Marketplace of products meaning you make autopilot commissions on every purchase they make months after months for his long as they stay active so let’s say you post your CV money vine website link on your Facebook page for example a friend of yours named Bob clicks your website link in joints for free and Bob is now on your mind because he referred him through your website and Bob now has his own area and his own website just like this one cast member area Bob watches this video to see video you’re watching now and understands that he needs to buy product from the market place to activate is membership.So that he too can start making money with CB money by then so Bob obviously browses the CB money Vine Marketplace Marketplace inside of his member area and find a product that he wants so he buys the product submits his receipt and this form here and you get the commission on autopilot that is how you make money in all you have to do literally the only thing you have to do is hide from buying at least one product per month to keep active is to share this free opportunity the CB money by an opportunity with other people online by sharing and promoting your CD modified website link so that’s all you’re doing is sharing your right now we’re allowing you to invite as many people in as you like to blow your mind as big as you want and therefore making unlimited income with no cap whatsoever on how much you can earn at this point hopefully you’re beginning to understand why we call CB money by noon Perfect online income system you’re not spending a dime on CB money by itself and yet you’re able to make it unlimited income yes you are buying a product or two here and there to keep your signal by membership activated but in exchange you receiving the ultimate benefit autopilot commissions on every street in your ClickBank account and you can either choose to get paid by check in the mail or direct deposit and it anytime you can click this view commission’s link to that bank account to check your commissions how to get started to get started and you may have already guessed it the very first thing you should do is activate your membership by browsing the CB money Vine marketplace right here now to find any product that you want any product of your choice so you’re going shopping basically they’re over 4,000 products to choose from in nearly two-dozen categories they’re digital action physical products for each product you buy you receive 30 days of activation credit simply meaning that your account was deactivated for an additional 30 days each purchase no matter the purchase price and you can see right here how many days do you have remaining no one very important thing each time you buy Marketplace product from the market place you must submit a copy of your receipt order to get credited you receive a receipt in your email inbox from ClickBank that looks like this so simply open up the receipt in your email inbox copy and paste the text and then come right back here to your member area taste in your receipt and submit it that simple as you’ll actually be Auto approved although in some cases you may have to wait 24 to 48 hours for proof approval on your purchase we do verify all purchases so of course do not attempt to submit invalid receipts is doing books with terminate your account if your account income status is already active for example if you purchased our autopilot planned after your free sign of which I’ll talk about later you obviously do not need to buy products at all and can simply skip right to the next step which is to Simply enter your clickbank.com account username right here in this field if you do not have a quick bank account you can set one up for free at clickbank.com which should only take a few minutes your ClickBank username is the same username you use to log into your account is sometimes I was referred to as your ClickBank nickname or ClickBank ID so just enter the same username you use to login to your ClickBank., count in this field and click save others also what you might consider a secret income stream built into the city money Vine system that enables you to build an additional monthly income.

Others also what you might consider a secret income stream built into the CB money Vine system that enables you to build an additional monthly income totally hands-free the people that you refer to see me my money Vine for free for free have the option of joining our autopilot plan and they’re presented with this plan right after they join for free and can also join later if they want by clicking the auto pilot link shown here in our autopilot plan permanently activate your CD money Vine account without you having to buy any products from the marketplace in other words it’s simply an alternative way to activate your CD money Vine account and keep it active in for commissions for as long as you’re subscribe to the autopilot plan know the plan is $20 per month so as long as your income status is active you’ll make 50% monthly commissions on all of your Vine members who choose to join the out of pipe plans because it’s $20 per month you’re making $10 monthly commissions roughly instead of buying products from the marketplace so obviously some of the people on your buying are going to buy products from the CV money by Marketplace to activate their memberships and stay activated where is others on your Vine are going to join the autopilot plan as the alternative so that they can stay activated on cruise control without buying products so it’s really their choice some people get approved for 1 some people are going to prefer the other but either way you win because you get paid no matter which option the people on your Vine choose not to make money on autopilot plan refer all you have to do is first make sure your income status is showing as active obviously we’ve already covered that but then you also have to enter and save your affiliate link for the auto pilot plant in to do that you want to Simply click on this link account settings and from there you’ll be shown how to retrieve enter and saved your feeling for the autopilot plan it’s just a I’m done set up should only take a few minutes and you never have to worry about it again make sure to do this stuff though so that you do not lose commissions from people who join the apple pie the plant is a very popular option and you will make money with it as an active CB money by member you’ll make monthly commissions on people who opted for that auto pilot plant that was far as set up that’s literally it that’s all there is to this event system your first and foremost activating your membership by choosing and buying your first product of choice through the marketplace remember that you can skip this step if your income status is already active and then you’re entering your clickbank.com username right here and finally you’re entering your autopilot plant affiliate link on your account settings page to earn monthly commissions on our autopilot plant that

H2 earn monthly commissions on our autopilot plant that is it in your 100% done with set up mail from here your one and only focus is simply to share your money vine website link with others online is your website and we just click on the icons the traffic accounts to review each traffic option for example click on the Comm cell solo email ads me email ads are Ultra fast way to start referring others and growing your Vine so definitely consider running some email ads as soon as possible you’ll find a whole list of places where you can run email ads in addition to do to me. Calm and will also see here that you have some ready-made email add that you can copy and paste to send to the email Adventure the person who’s running your email and of course we have other traffic options including free options as well basically any traffic option can be used as long as it doesn’t involve spam of any kind obviously meaning you’re by no means limited to only these options although these are some of the very best ways to start making money as quickly as to date with Stevie money Vine and there you have it a v perfect income system it’s it’s free and it’s hugely scalable that’s essentially a co-op in exchange for buying one product of your choice per month not spending a dime on CB money by itself you can have hundreds of people buying their products from you is the same thing and make money with his system just as you’re doing. If I’m going to be answering several frequently asked questions and then I’ll let you get to it a question number one how did the people on my Vine make purchases from my CB money by Marketplace if my Marketplace is inside my member the answer is this every member has access to the CD money Vine Marketplace inside their member areas your affiliate link to all products in the marketplace gets automatically hard-coded.

The market place all 4000 products that they can browse inside their own member areas your affiliate link is automatically embedded into all of their products so let’s say you refer Bob and Bob could click on any of the 4000 products shown in the CB money Vine Marketplace inside of his member area and all of them are tagged with your affiliate link meaning you make autopilot commissions on all of Bob’s purchases from the moment that you refer him but still if that still doesn’t make sense all you have to know is that as long as you have your your ClickBank username saved to your member area and also your your affiliate link to the autopilot planned as I mentioned before as long as that’s done as long as you’re done with set up you’re going to get credit for all purchases made by everybody you refer so everybody refer purchasing from the marketplace you’ll be making autopilot commissions each and every time they purchase a product from within their member areas through the marketplace shown in their member area it’s all automatic no question number two how does your passive commission system work so let’s again say that you refer Bob and Bob becomes inactive for whatever reason didn’t you know at some point to see the Bob has referred a bunch of other people prior to becoming inactive or prior to leaving for whatever reason.







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