Program SEO Indexer

Program for quick indexing of your site in search engines and directories

Do not watch the video, I want to read…

“The program distributes links on the Internet. I now went to the site and collect data from 8 pages. Now I’ll prepare all the links and enter their data into the program. Insert, add … and so now I’ll add all these eight pages to the program. I prepared these links in advance and now I am launching the program. Here is the MyLink option, clicked and the program went to work. The fact is that the program passes information about your site in two streams. The first stream is the collection of information and the study of the question of which search engines and directories can take all these 8 pages. On the first pass option, the program collects information and when it finishes, the program proceeds to the second option. Now she is finishing the first steamboat and … automatically, the program went directly to the second stream. In the second stream, each page is registered separately. In order to quickly show how the program works, and the process of all work takes 15-20 minutes, I decided to shorten this video and show the main points of working with the program. This program is not freely available, but you can buy it from me = $5. You see that the program has finished working and how many links it has distributed … We see that all of our links to the site – 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 – it has distributed. When the program has finished working on the first task, we can remove it and charge the program for a new job, either manually or provide a list of tasks that need to be done on the machine”.

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